Back In Time

A look back at how Timeless Antiques started all those years ago.


The foundation stone of Timeless Antiques was laid over 35 years ago when a boy was given an old brass bed by his mother, never imagining it would spark a unique passion and grow into an original collection of over 18 tonnes of brass, cast iron, brass and porcelain beds.  The expanded collection includes a vast range of design styles from the earliest bed manufacturers, growing into possibly the largest collection in Queensland / Australia.

Timeless Antiques are dedicated almost exclusively to the preservation of thousands of antique brass beds, saving them from shed and farm relics, garden ornaments and restoring their lustre and shine to become pride of place within the family homestead bedrooms.    Occasionally receiving special restorations to restore some interesting and intriguing items such as an antique brass cash register, mother of pearl opera glasses, pedal car and 1800’s military sword where the owners were told by others, impossible to restore, all were successfully restored and have become valuable family heirlooms.

We believe for every problem there is a solution or option to assist every restoration.  This is where old fashioned skills, thinking outside of the square and research how we have taught ourselves the rare artisan brass bed trade Mother of Pearl work within the confines of brass bed medallions and spindles.  The process involves delicate time intensive handcrafting but the end of result that Mother of Pearl features bring to a bed is stunning.

Original mail order catalogues are a rare find and it is impossible to match every bed we have or have seen to within the collected information in our resource library.  Those we have been able to source are an excellent point of reference this enables Timeless Antiques brass bed restorations to be almost as they were when first bought by original owner.

Timeless Antiques also help clients through education of difference between original brass and iron beds and the reproduction versions.  There were dozens of bedstead manufacturers during the industrial revolution bedstead period 1850 to 1930 and they created hundreds of designs, with many offering additional features that could be chosen.  Many of these designs have been replicated, reproduction beds starting in the 1970’s from the high end manufacturers using original designs who replicate original bedstead through to the opposite end of the scale of mass and cheaper reproductions.

For fifteen years we supplied articles for Queensland Antiques and Art magazines, each based on brass beds, a selection can be found under our Articles section.

Timeless Antique restorations are located throughout Australia and beds have traveled to England, Cayman Islands, Canada and New Zealand with past clients as they relocate overseas.  We have worked with National and local Heritage Trust properties and local community show and heritage events.

We remain passionate about preserving brass beds for generations of tomorrow.